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Yo forget about amazing work on MDK2 AND Knights of the Old Republic AND the entirety of the Mass Effect trilogy—just so we’re clear that’s three gaming generations of work we need to disregard—, and let’s all bitch about the ending of Mass Effect 3 (WHICH WAS ADDRESSED BY THE EXTENDED CUT) and say good riddance to Casey Hudson.

You all can go fuck yourselves.

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Life hack:

Whenever you’re in a bad situation, just think how much worse it would be if you lived in the 1700’s. Instantly feel better.

House work? Worse in the 1700s. Communication? Worse in the 1700s. Travel? Worse in the 1700s. Surgery? WAY worse in the 1700s.

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My hockey bucket list (remember I’m a goalie)

  • Score a goal
  • Get in a fight
  • Penalty hat-trick
  • Assist hat-trick
  • Get 3 consecutive shutous
  • Lay a huge (legal) hit on someone
  • Have an under 1 GAA season
  • Have an over .950 SV% season
  • Lose my mind at a ref

One down!

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Can something just strike me down now?

Park your car behind mine on Saturday. It’ll only be a matter of time.

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Did you know that Dashcon made a lazy, poorly sung promotional typography video? I wonder how much of the fabled $17,000 went into this sad creation.

This video gave me syphilis 

Literally the FIRST line has a misspelling.

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Detailing #swag #WIP #gundam #gunpla

#notyourcuttingmat #actuallynickscuttingmat #butwhoskeepingtrackreally

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I re-pose this idea 2 years later...

  1. Megan: We've never played strip anything.
  2. Me: We should play strip... Halo. It would be me with all my clothes on...
  3. Megan: And everyone else would be naked.
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